Name: 'Mohdar Abdullah,' given name is apparently 'Al-Mohdar Mohamed Al-Mohdar Zeid.'

Nationalist: Yemeni

Residency: US; California: Canada, Ottawa.

Mohdar came from Canada with a Yemeni passport in December 1998 but by January of 1999 was applying for asylum as a Somali. He used friends associated with the Somali community in City Heights to pretend to be Somali on asylum forms. Therefore he may have known Omar Abdi Mohamed. Modhar attended the Islamic Centre of San Diego as well, which connects two communities at the focus of Steven Butler's money laundering investigation

NBC News has learned that a renewed FBI investigation into 'SAM STAR MART TEXACO' employee Mohdar Abdullah was triggered, in part, by surveillance videotapes from inside the Los Angeles Airport shot in June 2000 — a year before 9/11. Law enforcement officials tell NBC the grainy tapes show terrorist Nawaf al-Hazmi with Mohdar Abdullah and an unidentified man. Sources say the men appear to be scouting out the airport.

According to federal court records made public in 2002, a spiral notebook seized from Abdullah's car a week after the terrorist attacks contained references to "hijacking," "mass killings" and "burning flesh falling from the sky."

FBI investigations of an unidentified email which sent the message "Our plan was to have a few people plant bombs in very important buildings... anything is possible" led them back to Ottawa.

This defendant failed to take a polygraph he had previously agreed to with FBI agents he would take. He also made several spontaneous statements referencing 'the hatred in his heart' for the US government. Agents believe he knew Hani Hanjour.

FBI documents indicate that Mohdhar Abdullah drove al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar to the King Fahad Mosque, before al-Mihdhar returned to Saudi Arabia.

The truth about MohdarEdit

Mohdar pretend to be a refugee. He was a fake refugee. Yet we was associated with a refugee support network in Lemon Grove. One of the leaders of the network, who registered organisations like 'IMMIGRATION & REFUGEE ASSISTANCE CENTER', is tied to Mohdar's, Lexington address in El Cajon, yet many of his 'refugees' lived in Lemon Grove near to Abdussattar Shaikh. Residents in Lemon Grove saw them dancing in the streets and cheering when the USS Cole was bombed in October 2000.

Mohdar has also claimed to be an Italian named Franco de Polo and to have visited New York City in December of 1998. He claimed his fake asylum from Somalia on the basis that he was part of a disadvantaged social group called the Barwani.