911 Commission

Our general impression of Thumairy is that he was deceptive during both interviews. His answers were at times in direct conflict with information we have from other sources.

Thumairy denied presiding over any wedding ceremonies at the King Fahad mosque during his time in LA. He denied knowing anybody by the name of Iyad Kreiwesh. He also denied knowing Modhar Abdullah or Qualid Moncef Benomrane. In the initial interview, Thumairy first said he did not know how to perform such ceremonies. He then said was not qualified to perform them.

Thumairy denied knowing someone named Omar al-Bayoumi. When shown a photo of this individual, Thumairy first denied recognizing it. Major Khalid said something to Thumairy in Arabic. Thumairy then said "Oh, Bayoumi," and recalled that he had heard of him in the press.

Thumairy at first denied hosting any visitors when he was in the US other than one or two relatives. He then said that the sole exception was circa 1999 when a Saudi person came to the U.S. with his sick father for medical treatment in LA. Thumairy said all he did was provide them with advice about where to stay in LA.

Khalil ai-Khalil was one of the original founders of the King Fahad Mosque. He recognized the photograph of Omar al-Bayoumi, and said that he saw him frequently with Fahad al-Thumairy at the KFM.

Al-Thumairy said he did not have much contact with the KFM Council. Although he prayed with its members at the KFM, he did not know them well. AI-Thumairy said that his appointment to the KFM was not made by the Council, but rather by the consulate. He reiterated that his role at the mosque was not "work," however. When asked about the names of people on the Council, AI-Thumairy identified only a Turk named Dr. Othman and another person from Burma whose name he could not recall.

When asked about the following individuals, al-Thumairy claimed not to recognize their names: Fathi Abdullah, Arif Sheikh, Asif Sheikh, Abdusattar Sheikh, Musaed al-Jarrah, Fahad al-Hudaydi, Khalid Cherif, Mohammed Aliter. He was also shown photographs of 9/11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdar, but he said he recognized these people only from the news.